Through The Void Itchfunding!

Through The Void Is Powering Up!
Over the next few weeks we are expanding and improving the game to create a fully playable beta version of the game called an ashcan!
If you already backed the game at $5 or about you can now download the sample beta to give you a better idea or where we are headed!
The final beta will be 24 pages (about 1/4th of the final game) and will include everything you need to step carefully Through The Void!

Check it out at!

Also if you downloaded the core rules or picked up a community copy we would love to hear what you think! 
Consider dropping a review over on itch. Every review we get adds more community copies to the pool!

Tony Vasinda
Chief Alchemist
Plus One Exp


TtV Early Beta .02
Through The Void Core Rules 0.4 2 MB
Sep 20, 2021

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