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Am I correct in thinking that if I buy the game at the $7 level I get a physical copy of it? Just wanted to confirm before buying!

Sorry for the delay! Took the weekend off.
Unfortunately, that is not correct! The price above is just for the digital version.
We will link to the 32 page physical ashcan up this week if you want to purchase it. 

Is there a deadline for the campaign or it's until the goal is reached?


End of the month (Jan 31st) but we will keep on developing it behind the scenes. Itchfunding isn't all or nothing so It'll just get better as we go until we release the full game.

I guess there's a mistake in the hits section of the character sheet, it names "Mech" as one of the specialities. That should probably be Merc?


GOOD Catch! I knew there was a typo I had lost track of the other day but couldn't find it!