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Down We Go Recently Funded on Gamefound
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Down into the ground they go.
The Sneaky
The Mystical
The Holy
The Bloodthirsty
To plumb whatever items of value they can from the depths and bring it back to Infinopolis, The Infinite City.

Ever shifting, ever changing, ever hungry for the gold, treasures, and bodies, Infinopolis is a complex machine of human parts crying out in hunger for more.
There is only one way to feed it, so...

Down We Go.

Down We Go is a minimalist OSR (Old School Renaissance) RPG by Markus Linderum that is being developed and published in print by Plus One Exp. The core rules of the game fit on 1 sheet of paper, but the Playtest Ashcan brings you dungeons, adventures & expanded city procedures by Markus along with all new original art by Simone Tammetta.

We are using this page to Itchfund the development of the game and will run a short Kickstarter late in the summer to market and fund the print run. Itchfunding is a simple process that helps creators get their content into your hands more quickly while continuing to develop the game. You can support us at any level but at the following levels you get specific rewards.

$1 Surface Dweller

The original rules with updated art.
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A copy of the Down We Go Playtest Ashcan right now! Add a community copy. 
$12 Deep Dweller

A copy of the final digital zine later this summer + Ashcan + a community copy.
$80 Liege of Infinopolis

Digital Zine + Ashcan +  play with Markus & Tony + be immortalized in print + add 5 community copies.

Because of your support the final digital and print version will include even more content by Markus, Tony Vasinda, Ava Islam, Pammu, Madeline Ember, MVMV, Babblegum Sam, KeganExe, Aaron King and additional art by Johan Nohr & Evlyn Moreau.


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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This level has been closed until after the Down We Go Gamefound project is finished in September. It will be included as a level there.

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I download this version, and backed the gamefound.  Played with my kids, and used one weekend on our D&D 3.5 campaign with a few no shows.  Fun was had by all.   Can't wait for the infinite edition!   What a solid package!  *****

Love it! Thanks so much. We love hearing when folks play with their kids also. 

Any play highlights?

(1 edit)

Seems very cool! What kind of 3rd party license (if any) do you think y'all will have for this?

(Also YAY cannabis golems!)

BAH I found it myself. YAY there is one!


Good on y'all. 3rd party licenses rock.

Yep! so excited to see what folks do! If you work something up let us know! Can't wait to see what folks do wit it!

Can you clarify how hits work? It looks like if your highest stat is Mystical you get 2 hits, Sneaky-3, Holy-4, Bloodthirsty-5. But there are an additional 5 hit circles. What are those for? Is it that you get base + LVL hit dots? Is there an implied LVL 5 cap per Role?

Great question! In the updated rules you advance 1 hit for every three levels across all roles.

Essentially Hits are highest role+ [Level in all roles/3  rounded down]

Let me know if that makes sense. 

awesome. Thanks for the fast reply. So at character creation you get +2/1/1 therefore you should start with 1 extra dot?

Since you are rounding down and are at .66 you could get 0 extra at start. 1 extra the first time you level and then another 1 after you level the 4th time 7th time and so on. 

Highest level role + [2/3 rounded down]. 2/3 rounded down is zero.


Down We Go is a single page OSR dungeon crawler.

It's got lovely art and layout, and the font choices feel whispery but readable.

Mechanics-wise, your default roll is a d20, trying to hit a DC 15. You add your level in your most relevant class to your roll, and this is where the system gets interesting. There are four classes, Holy, Sneaky, Bloodthirsty, and Mystical, and you can freely assign your levels to any of them. In addition to boosting your rolls, each class comes with a set of level/day abilities. And your highest levelled class determines your hit points.

Combat in Down We Go uses the same dice system, with effectively a coin flip to determine which side goes first. Damage is typically 1/hit, and HP totals are low across the board.

All of this makes for an extremely tight, quick system that still retains flexibility and crunch, but the real standout is the game's optional rule: if you drop a die on the floor, you die.

This optional rule catapults Down We Go from a solid single-page dungeon crawler to a game with a complicated meta about maneuvering people into rolling near the table's edge.

Overall, I'd strongly recommend this. It's a satisfying engine. It's great for pick-up-and-play. And it's got a strong sense of character. It's genuinely fun.


Thought I responded the other day. But thank you so much for the thoughtful considerate review!

No worries! Thank you for writing the game!

Question to clarify: "It states to put +2 in one role or +1 in two Roles at the start." Example: Say I want to play a Sneaky character. I put the +2 in that Role. I am Level 1, so I choose Hide for my Ability. For defensive Combat you only add your Sneaky lvl. Where in the game would you use your +2 Role ? What benefits and where does the +2/+1 in Role come to play? Hope that makes sense. Thanks!

So anytime you are doing something related to that role you would add +X.
For sneaky it might be picking locks, sneaking through the shadows, or other items your abilities let you do, but without using the automatic success of a slot. 

For mystical this might be reading runes, or activating and uncontrollable magic object. 

For Holy this might be sensing and evil presence or preforming a religious ritual. 

Essentially the answer is "when it makes sense" but hopefully the explanation above is a bit more clear. 

Also if you put both points in Sneaky you would choose both Hide and another ability. Every point in a role gives you an ability. 


Hello here!

can you please tell us if there's any major or minor differences between this product and the one on DriveThruRPG? I bought it a few weeks ago, so I don't know if this one will be updated or if the one on itch represents the future of "Down We Go" ;o)


Hey! Great question

The core rules ($1) are what you got on DTRPG a few weeks ago. 
The ashcan version ($5) are the core rules plus both existing dungeons AND the new city generation rules with all new original art (about 12 pages total) 
The digital version ($12) gets you the ashcan now and the final digital version which will have even more content and be what goes to print eventually. 

This one is, as you put it, the future of Down We Go.

We are still talking about how we will be implementing it on DTRPG, but it will be a new product there either way. 

Please let me know if you have any additional questions