Initial Itchfunding Finishing!

ItchFunding Closing Up
We are closing the door on our initial round of ItchFunding this week, during the last month we almost doubled the size of the Academy, I am going to give folks who wanted to contribute to the cause 1 more week to see if we can get that $750 mark and add some tables for customizing your academy at the table. 
If you have not had a chance to contribute, OR if you want to up your contribution please do so this week!

Our artist for the backgrounds is almost finished, and we had a distributor ask for a large amount of copies so we will be getting a print run this summer!

Thanks to everyone who supported this project. It was a blast to create and I can't wait to schedule our sessions with our $100 contributors.

Thanks for helping us make something great,

Tony Vasinda
Chief Alchemist
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