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You Are The Companion

the companion is always around, often misunderstood but stalwart to a fault. 
their power comes from their loyalty, their timing, and their subtle support.

The Companion is a playbook for Riley Rethal's Galactic 2E. Inspired by Chewie, R2D2, and other characters that may not steal the spotlight or get the medal, but are always there to help save the day. The Companion pics a partner who they are connected to, but supports the whole party by helping them shine and supporting them the best they can.

Play The Companion if you want get rewarded for putting yourself in peril, enthusiastically support ill-conceived plans, or move around off screen before revealing how you were helping the whole time. 

BONUS! If you play this game and sketch a droid, alien or other creature based on playing and tweet it @plusoneexp I will add it to our Extended Galaxy art collection. See MV's art over there -------->


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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